4 Oct 2004

Tokelau's law commissioners given further legal training

7:29 am on 4 October 2004

Three Tokelau law commissioners have received training for their roles in the administration of justice in their country.

Officials say the workshops, held in Samoa, have been designed to give the commissioners guidance about their roles and develop awareness of Tokelau's greater steps towards autonomy.

Ioane Tumua as a law commissioner will ultimately fulfill the equivalent role of a district court magistrate on Nukunonu.

He says the workshops have given him a good understanding of what's involved in the job.

"So I found that we can handle the post in Tokelau when we have this kind of workshops just to give us some experiences some understanding about law so that we can function well in the long term."

Tokelau's general fono last year decided unanimously to explore the option of self-government, in free association with New Zealand.