5 Oct 2004

Fiji Labour Party president snubs reconciliation week

8:26 am on 5 October 2004

The Fiji Labour Party has rejected an apology and call for forgiveness made by the perpetrators of the coup and army mutinies.

The call was made at the start of the national week of reconciliation and forgiveness by the lands minister, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, who also has a case against him pending in the courts for the Labasa mutiny.

The president of the Labour Party, Jokapeci Koroi, has told Radio Legend that the party will not participate in any way in the events for reconciliation week.

Mrs Koroi said the apology was made to President Iloilo and not to the Labour Party and has nothing to do with the party.

Although members of the deposed Chaudhry government and other victims of the terrorism were not present, Ratu Naiqama asked President Iloilo to forgive the perpetrators on their behalf.

He also asked My Chaudhry's family to forgive them.