6 Oct 2004

French Polynesian opposition wants to vote out Temaru government

6:05 pm on 6 October 2004

The French Polynesian opposition has lodged a motion in a bid to oust the government of President Oscar Temaru.

The move by the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party comes a day after its leader, Gaston Flosse, told local television stations that he would not present such a motion.

But opposition politicians now say the motion has been delivered to the office of the territorial assembly for it to be debated within two days.

They claim to have the signature of 29 assembly members, one more than needed for a majority in the 57-member legislature.

The opposition says the government, which was formed in June, is unable to run the country and the economy is declining.

If the three independents now backing the opposition vote against the government, fresh presidential elections are to be held in two weeks.

Last week, Mr Temaru accused the opposition of using mafia methods to oust his administration.