13 Oct 2004

American Samoa candidate claims Manu'a is neglected

1:15 pm on 13 October 2004

One of the candidates for American Samoa's Governorship, Afoa Leulumoega Lutu, says the island of Manu'a has not progressed in the last four years because of the government's neglect.

Afoa says the problems have driven residents to board up their homes and move to Tutuila.

He says at one time Manu'a was the bread basket for Tutuila but little has been done to help promote agriculture or fisheries development on the island.

He says transportation is one of Manu'a's major problems, as the MV Sili which was touted as the answer to the problem, is not able to enter Manu'a's harbours.

He has also experienced first hand the unreliability of air services to Manu'a when his flight which was delayed, an incident which residents say is not unusual.