14 Oct 2004

Solomons police minister says crime rates have dropped

5:32 pm on 14 October 2004

The Solomon Islands police minister Michael Maina says the violent death of an Australian businessman in Honiara is an isolated incident.

Despite the death of 50-year-old Nick Constantine at his office, yesterday morning, Mr Maina says crime in the country is in decline.

A knife was found at the scene and police are treating the death as a homicide case.

Mr Constantine was the general manager of Sullivans company and had for many years worked for the Solomon Islands Ports Authority and also as an announcer for the SIBC.

Mr Maina says with increased recruiting and training police are making headway into rates of violent crimes in Solomon Islands.

"Definitely, I am concerned that people are being stabbed, especially Nick who has been a very worthwhile expatriate and became a Solomon Islander and has contributed so much the country in many respects."

Michael Maina