19 Oct 2004

Fiji police take precautions as Senator's trial resumes

9:17 pm on 19 October 2004

Police in Fiji are sending in patrols to oversee vital installations in the Naitasiri province as the trial of its paramount chief resumes tomorrow.

Police spokesperson, Mesake Koroi, says a tactial response unit is guarding the court premises, the judges and assessors are being provided with protection, and uniformed police are stationed in Suva city area.

He says these are precautionary measures as Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, who's also a government senator, faces charges of conspiracy to incite mutiny, inciting mutiny and aiding soldiers in an act of mutiny.

Mr Koroi says there's a police community team continuing to visit villages in the Naitisiri province to persuade them to accept the rule of law.

He says most people will abide by the law but there are some disruptive elements so the installations are being checked.

"You're looking at the Monasavu dam, you're looking at all the Wailoa hydro-power stations, and all those major installations that if disrupted, could cause widespread destruction"

Mesake Koroi.