21 Oct 2004

Fiji senator says accept government coup apology or leave the country

7:31 pm on 21 October 2004

A Fiji senator has told people who refused to accept this month's government organised coup apology to leave the country.

Ratu George Cakobau made his call in the Upper House, saying that "the (indigenous) Fijians have had enough" and those who "can't accept their apology should get out of the country."

He said Fijian chiefs do not apologise to people.

Ratu George said if chiefs can go down on their knees to apologise to the nation, then they must be respected and accepted.

Ratu George said those who do not accept it wholeheartedly "should find another country."

His remarks were similar to those of government senator Mitieli Bulanauca who also told the Upper House this week that those who do not want to be part of the reconciliation process should leave Fiji.