22 Oct 2004

France's highest court sets timeframe for censure ruling

10:18 am on 22 October 2004

The highest court in France says its ruling on the legality of the no confidence motion which ousted the French Poynesian government of Oscar Temaru will be made in two days.

The announcement comes on the eve of tomorrrow's planned assembly meeting in Papeete to elect a new president, with Mr Temaru being a candidate along with veteran leader, Gaston Flosse and John Aripara.

The court in Paris will rule after the tribunal in Papeete referred Mr Temaru's complaint that the motion which ousted him had not been signed by 12 MPs as required by law, but only by six.

Meanwhile, the French minister in charge of overseas territories says President Jacques Chirac will let the normal democratic process prevail in French Polynesia.

She describes questions about the close links between Mr Chirac and Mr Flosse as 'misplaced insinuations'.

Mr Chirac has refused to dissolve the French Polynesian assembly amid unprecedented mass rallies across the archipelago to let the voters choose a new leader.

The Socialist Party says it's very concerned about the developments in French Polynesia which it says is a territory destabilised by the French government, which decides things the Polynesians can do themselves.