23 Oct 2004

Work to ease Nauru debt goes ahead despite election

8:11 am on 23 October 2004

International election observers in Nauru say their work hasn't halted the Pacific Island Forum's efforts to resolve the island's debt crisis.

Maiava Ulae Toma is head of the five-strong joint Commonwealth and Forum team observing today's general election.

Mr Toma says the Forum official, Chitra Jeremiah, has continued her financial work, whilst he and his team have been involved in election preparations.

Mr Toma is confident that enough work has been done to make sure that elections will run smoothly.

"I suppose the aim of the exercise is to give everybody confidence that the exercise is, that the elections are being properly conducted, and that's what we're on the lookout for, to see the propriety of the exercise according to the laws of Nauru."

A spokeswoman for the Nauru government in Melbourne says the parliament will sit and choose a president on Tuesday.