28 Oct 2004

Member of Temaru coalition leaving for Paris to ask for fresh elections in French Polynesia.

5:07 pm on 28 October 2004

A leading member of the ousted coalition government in French Polynesia says changes must be made to the Autonomy Statute governing the troubled French territory.

A political stand-off continues in French Polynesia as rival political groups both continue to claim that they are the legitimate government, following the defeat of the former coalition government in a no confidence vote recently.

Nicole Bouteau, the leader of the No Oe e Te Nunaa party in the deposed coalition, is to lead a delegation to Paris from Papeete tomorrow to ask the French Government to agree to fresh general elections in the territory.

Ms Bouteau says part of the blame for the political stand-off lies with the Autonomy Statute, which she says is flawed.

And she says she'll be urging France to alter it.

"I don't know if the others will follow this but I think that now the only problem that we have .... If we had new elections, maybe we would have the same problems that we meet today."

Nicole Bouteau.