2 Nov 2004

The new look PINA will revamp and expand the PACNEWS news agency

5:08 pm on 2 November 2004

A new look Pacific Islands News Association is now looking to move ahead in expanding its services to the region.

This follows a final agreement last weekend on the merger between PINA and PIBA, which was first endorsed in March 2003.

Its president, Lance Polu, says all staff positions will be advertised.

He says Pac News will become the official news service, with a new look.

"Streaming, not only audio but also the visual on that news service. That's something we're looking at down the line. But there will be key positions available to look after the new association so that the association will be able to deliver what it has in mind and a service to members"

Lance Polu, the President of PINA.