4 Nov 2004

American Samoan politician says vote was call for change

2:24 pm on 4 November 2004

The contender for governor in American Samoa, Afoa Moega Lutu, says yesterday's general election was a clear vote for change.

None of the three candidates won more than 50 percent of the votes which means a new election must be held in two weeks time between the top two vote-winning candidates.

The incumbent, Governor Togiola Tulafono and Lieutenant Governor Ipulasi Aitofele Sunia polled 48.4 percent of the vote, whilst Afoa Moega Lutu and Taeaofua Dr Meki Solomona won 39.4 percent.

It is widely expected that the third candidate Senator Teo Fuavai who with Alo Dr Paul Stevenson polled just over 10 percent of the vote, will throw his support behind Afoa.

Afoa says he's confident that he has the support of the people.

"It clearly shows that the majority of people want change. More than 51 percent of those that went to the polls today want change, so now that we have this opportunity, I think we will try the best we can to press away all of those people that voted today for change to support."

The contender for governor in American Samoa, Afoa Moega Lutu