4 Nov 2004

Drugs go missing from huge Vanuatu haul

2:24 pm on 4 November 2004

About eight kilograms of heroin has been stolen from a 120 kilogram drug package, which was found on a Vanuatu beach.

The drugs were initially thought to be cocaine, but has now been identified as a heroin positive substance.

The cache was found and moved to a location near Eton village, by a local man, who identified himself as John Rambo.

Some weeks later, he contacted the publisher of the Daily Post who persuaded the man to call the police.

Before authorities could take the drugs away, eight kilograms of the package went missing.

Police are continuing their investigation as to where it initially came from as well as where the missing 8 kilograms has gone.

Police Commissioner Chief of Staff, John Talio, says the maximum penalty for the person who took the heroin is life in prison and a fine of 888,000 US dollars.

Mr Talio says the heroin the police received has a street value of about 22 million US dollars.