4 Nov 2004

Temaru camp rules out talks with Flosse group in French Polynesia crisis

2:25 pm on 4 November 2004

The ousted government in French Polynesia has spurned a request from the rival government to a meeting today to resolve growing problems in the public service.

Amid an unprecedented legal vacuum in the French territory, there are rival governments claiming to be the legitimate holder of power in Papeete.

Workers are increasingly taking the law into their own hands, with employees at the government printing plant to stop work.

A spokesman for the government led by Gaston Flosse says they have invited the ousted president Oscar Temaru to meet to find a solution.

But, this was quickly ruled out by Mr Temaru's spokesman, Claude Marere.

"There is nothing to discuss with Mr Flosse. Temaru has a request against him in the court of justice in France. It will not be judged before the beginning of next year -- it is very long. But there is nothing to discuss with Mr Flosse. He is not the president, that's all. No more people want him."

Claude Marere.

Meanwhile, delegations for both sides are in Paris continuing to lobby the media and politicians.