4 Nov 2004

French Polynesia union calls for general strike

8:44 pm on 4 November 2004

A union in French Polynesia has called for a general strike to begin in the French territory on Monday in protest at the suspension of wage negotiations there.

Last week employers stopped talks because the reelected president, Gaston Flosse, announced an icnrease in the minimum wage.

The union now calling for the general strike has many members in the service sector and its call raises concerns this could affect the tourist sector and the airport.

Meanwhile Gaston Flosse has taken a new case agains Oscar Temaru for usurping the presidency and illegally operating the palace, this time in the criminal court.

The move comes a week after he had taken the same action in a civil court, which did not rule but deferred the decision until the end of the month.

The Tahiti Presse reports that power to the presidential palace has been cut .