10 Nov 2004

Fiji police authorities concerned by home invasions

11:04 am on 10 November 2004

Fiji's police commissioner has warned that criminal networks are targetting business people and those perceived to be wealthy in a series of home invasions.

Andrew Hughes says police intelligence strongly indicates the presence of a highly organised network.

Mr Hughes' warning follows the murder of a 27-year old company director early on Monday morning when armed and masked men invaded his Suva suburban home.

Police have identified a number of notorious criminals released on bail as having possible links to the network and are keeping them under observation.

The Fiji Sun says their concern comes just as the government has given police only a nominal increase in next year's budget not sufficient to keep up with inflation.

Mr Hughes says because of this there will be no more recruitment next year and there will be a noticeable decrease in police numbers.

Meanwhile, police vehicles in and around Suva were stranded yesterday as their fuel supply depot at Nasese had run dry.