10 Nov 2004

American Samoans urged to get out and vote in run-off election for governor

4:23 pm on 10 November 2004

Campaign teams in American Samoa are urging voters to turn up in large numbers at next week's run-off election for governor.

The race is expected to be close between the incumbent, Togiola Tulafono, and challenger, Afoa Moega Lutu.

Afoa's campaign has been boosted by the joining of the former third candidate, Senator Te'o Fuavai, as his campaign manager.

Our correspondent, Fili Sagapolutele, says both sides are telling their supporters that they need to turn up and make their vote count.

"Both sides are now urging voters that voted in the general election, and probably that those that didn't vote, to go to the polls in the run-off elections so that way, a candidate could be decided at that time."

Fili Sagapolutele says in a run-off election in 1996, the candidates were separated by fewer than 300 votes.