11 Nov 2004

PCRC says France should ask Forum to help over stalemate in French Polynesia

2:53 pm on 11 November 2004

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre says the Pacific Islands Forum should be doing more to resolve the ongoing government stalemate in French Polynesia.

It's more than a month since the government of Oscar Temaru was ousted in Papeete, where two main rival governments both claim to be in charge.

As the uncertainty continues, a key court decision is still awaited from France on whether new elections should be held in parts of the territory.

But the PCRC says France is dragging its feet.

A centre spokesman, Peter Emberson, says it is appealing to France to seek assistance from the Forum.

Mr Emberson says the Forum should also be doing much more, because of French Polynesia's new observer status at the Forum.

"The Forum should be negotiating with France at this very moment to prevent the volatile situation that's going on there that could escalate to something far worse than what they're experiencing right now."

Peter Emberson.