15 Nov 2004

Fiji police say prominent people in file going to prosecutions office

4:32 pm on 15 November 2004

Fiji's police commissioner says a file going to the Director of Public Prosecutions involves prominent people in society alleged to be involved in the coup.

Andrew Hughes was speaking after police said they're aiming to conclude all investigations into the May 2000 coup by the end of the year.

Mr Hughes won't identify the individuals concerned but they're alleged to have taken part in a secret swearing in ceremony.

"They relate to a group of individuals who, we will be alleging, also took an unlawful oath of office in the Speight government. We're not identifying who they are at this point although we're under a degree of pressure. We don't see it's appropriate to identify people under investigation. What we are saying is there are some prominent people in Fijian society."

Mr Hughes also says the coup taskforce is closely monitoring a criminal trial where the mutiny leader, Captain Shane Stevens, revealed new information.

He says that may lead to further investigations.