16 Nov 2004

Palau's Remengesau elated to get a second term

7:43 pm on 16 November 2004

In Palau, the incumbent president, Tommy Remengesau, is overjoyed to win another four year term in office.

Official results to be announced tomorrow will confirm he scored a resounding victory over his opponent, Polycarp Basilius.

Mr Remengesau received 6,494 votes to Mr Basilius, who got 3,268.

The President's Chief of Staff, Billy Kuartei, says Mr Remengesau will continue to focus on boosting the economy.

"He's very elated, not only because the win is considered a landslide for himself personally but that's a referendum on his policies on economic growth, balance that with environment protection so he's very confident its going to be a very good four years."

The Vice Presidency went to Elias Camsek Chin, who beat the incumbent Sandra Pierantozzi 6,919 to 2,812 votes.

Senior senators, Seit Andres, Harry Fritz, and Steven Kanai, were not re-elected.