19 Nov 2004

Occupations spread in French Polynesia

2:48 pm on 19 November 2004

Demonstrators in French Polynesia seeking to get fresh territory-wide elections have occupied the head office of the Post and Telecommunication Service in Papeete.

This is the latest occupation in the campaign started last month when Gaston Flosse was elected in a process which is being challenged in a court in Paris as illegal.

The head of communications at the public broadcaster, TNTV, Loic Brigato, says the protests are peaceful and at no venue has there been any tension.

But Mr Brigato says the occupation of post offices in the outer islands is significant.

"This is where people are obviously going to use the post services, but on top of that the post office is a bank, the post office is where you pay your telephone, you pay your bill you send money to your relatives all over the islands and you pay as well for the television."

Loic Brigato