22 Nov 2004

Inquest gives some closure to the relatives of those who disappeared during Cyclone Martin seven yea

10:46 am on 22 November 2004

An inquest into the disappearance of three people during Cyclone Martin on Manihiki in the Cook Islands seven years ago confirms they were drowned.

If a person disappears and their body is not recovered after seven years, the law in the Cook Islands requires that an inquest is held into his or her disappearance.

The inquest was held into the disappearance of husband and wife Rakuraku and Taromi Eliu, and Faireka Fairoa.

However Cook Island's coroner Nooapii Tearea says although no new information was revealed, it does confirm that they were deemed to have died by drowning.

"No new evidence came out of the enquiry, other than that those two disappeared, or lost their lives when they were swept away by the waves, and the bodies have never been found since then."