22 Nov 2004

Solomons government asks for help to find weed

10:45 am on 22 November 2004

The Solomon Islands government has appealed to Australian authorities for help in finding out whether the noxious Siam weed is in the country.

Siam seeds were recently discovered on an Australian vehicle that had returned from duty in the Solomons.

The Solomon Islands Agriculture Secretary, Edward Kingmele, says there have been no recorded sightings of Siam in the country but he is asking for help to put to rest any uncertainty.

Mr Kingmele says the presence of Siam in the Solomons could be disastrous.

"If it's just a weed that is growing on the ground that is probably not too dangerous but if it is a creeping plant then much of our agricultural activity are tree crops like Cocoa, so with those areas it could be not a very good thing for us."

The Solomon Island Agriculture Secretary, Edward Kingmele

Siam can reach a height of three meters in the open and up to eight meters in the forests.