22 Nov 2004

29 Australian police arrive in PNG for duty in Port Moresby

4:28 pm on 22 November 2004

29 Australian police officers have arrived in Port Moresby to begin policing the streets of Papua New Guinea's capital from Friday.

They are the first Australian police to take up duty in Port Moresby.

This comes several months after Australian police began working on Bougainville.

The deployment is part of the Enhanced Cooperation Plan.

A spokesman for the Australian Police, Greg Keeley, says the Australian police are there to assist and mentor local police to combat crime.

And he says things won't change overnight.

"Things won't happen immediately and it may be some time before we see the effect of the guys on the street. I'm sure long-term the initiative of the ECP, the policing initiative will have a very positive impact on PNG."

Greg Keeley says the officers in Bougainville have adapted well and there has been a noticeable drop in crime.