24 Nov 2004

Coup file on Fiji's ambassador to the UN goes back to DPP

11:17 am on 24 November 2004

The police investigation file into the alleged involvement of Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations, Col Isikia Savua, in the Speight coup has gone back to the director of public prosecutions.

Radio Legend reports that this has been confirmed by Col Savua's successor as Fiji's police commissioner, Andrew Hughes.

The file was re-submitted after further investigations and Mr Hughes says they expect a final decision on it soon.

The Qarase government appointed Col Savua as Fiji's representative to the United Nations in January last year.

Meanwhile, Mr Hughes says police doubt the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, had prior knowledge of the Speight coup.

The Labour Party MP, Poseci Bune, made the allegation in parliament and lodged a report with the police.

Mr Hughes says the evidence provided by Mr Bune lacked substance.

He has warned politicians not to file such complaints in the interests of political mudslinging because police have scarce resources and a big job to do.