24 Nov 2004

American Samoa church leader banished from village

4:26 pm on 24 November 2004

The chairman of American Samoa's biggest church has left his job and been banished from his village.

The Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa has declined to comment further about the sudden resignation of its chairman, the Reverend Elder Anetere'a Misioka.

The American Samoa correspondent for the Samoa Observer newspaper, Terry Tavita, says the Reverend Misioka was stripped of his leadership role by the church's Council of Elders.

Terry Tavita says his removal followed allegations of an extra-marital affair.

"It's been reported that the chairman, he's had this affair, so the committee, I presume, has investigated this matter and spoken to the woman and then they've come to this collective decision to have him removed from his office."

The vice chairman, Governor Togiola Tulafono, is now the chairman of the CCCAS.