30 Nov 2004

Activist call for solidarity to be shown to Papuans stopped from raising Morning Star flag

7:50 pm on 30 November 2004

The New Zealand based Indonesian Human Rights Committee is calling for people around the world to show solidarity with the Papuan self determination movement on December 1st, the day Papuans consider their Independence Day.

The day commemorates the day in 1961 when Papua declared itself independent of its Dutch colonial master, and two years ahead of Indonesia assuming control of the province.

Spokesperson Maire Leadbetter says Papuans have been stopped from raising their Morning Star flag tomorrow with a strong edict being issued by police and the provincial government.

"I think it really does behove people all around the world who care about the West Papuan people and who believe they have a right to freedom of expression and a right to self determination to show some solidarity, and I know that there will be events on or around this date all around the world."