3 Dec 2004

Fiji military to be consulted over new vice-president

2:20 pm on 3 December 2004

It's been confirmed that Fiji's military will have an input into the decision on who will be the country's new vice-president.

This follows an earlier report that the military was strongly opposed to anyone from the pro-coup Conservative Alliance Party or anyone implicated in the George Speight-led coup taking up the office.

Fiji TV says the objection was based on the belief that the new vice-president will also become the country's next president and therefore the commander-in-chief of the military.

The TV says its sources in the Army have confirmed that President Iloilo will consult the military commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, on the appointment.

The decision has enraged the Conservative Alliance MP and George Speight's brother, Samisoni Tikonisau.

Mr Tikonisau says they are the Government and the military should be subservient to them.

He says if the military is not prepared to serve the "elected regime", Commodore Bainimarama should resign.