6 Dec 2004

Fiji public servants want more money before Christmas

4:49 pm on 6 December 2004

Disgruntled public servants in Fiji are threatening to help vote the Qarase government out of office in the next general election if it does not pay them a Cost of Living Adjustment before Christmas.

They were further angered when thousands of them wanted to take their protest to the streets of Suva on Saturday but the authorities allowed only 500 to march.

Members of the Public Employees Union, the Fijian Teachers Association and Viti Union of Taukei Workers want a 5 percent increase.

Meanwhile, members of three other public sector unions plan to stage a nationwide strike from December the 27th when their 28-day notice takes effect.

They are the Fiji Public Service Association, the Fiji Teachers Union and the Fiji Nurses Association who also want a 5 percent Cost of Living Increase.

The government is insisting that it will not pay any increase and has made no provision for it in the budget.