10 Dec 2004

Solomons government introduces delayed measures to control food imports

11:27 am on 10 December 2004

The Director of Environmental Health in Solomon Islands says new restrictions on food imports will be implemented from January the 1st.

Robinson Fugui says the Pure Food Act 1996 will finally be enacted because the country's labortories now have the capacity to test nutritutional values.

The Act requires people intending to import food to notify the director in writing.

Mr Fugui says new nutritional standards will mean Solomon Islands will not be able to be used as a dumping ground for low grade products.

"The health of the people in the country must be maintained. Eating a lot of fat always ends in obesity, like mutton flaps maybe contain a lot more fat than just meat. So our effort is to ensure that what people buy, they get value for money in terms of their health."

Mr Fugui says labelling requirements including use-by dates and place of origin will also have to be met.