10 Dec 2004

NGO says PNG police applying double standards

5:11 pm on 10 December 2004

The Chairperson of the Madang Sexual Violence Committe in Papua New Guinea says police are using double standards in their investigations into the alleged rape of a school girl by a local politician.

Mary Kamang says the incident happened in September and police have still not made an arrest despite knowing who the man is that allegedly raped the girl.

Police say they have sent a letter to the MP, asking him to offer himself at the Madang police station for questioning.

But Ms Kamang says the police are not doing their job properly.

"If it's a small person, definitely the police would be on their back the day the case is reported. In Papua New Guinea it's very different from other parts because they will go ahead and bash you up, but because it's one of the senior people it's taking that long and that's not fair, because the law belongs to everybody! There's no two seperate laws, one for the little people and one for the big people."

Ms Kamang says the victim has been paid thousands of dollars of compensation money causing a reluctance in the family to complain about the process.