13 Dec 2004

Ongoing shipping problems in Solomons cause worsening food shortages on Mono Island

7:53 am on 13 December 2004

Villagers on Mono Island, in Solomon Islands Western province, want the national and provincial governments to address shipping problems that are leading to food shortages.

One of the residents, Solomon Sotokera says that for the past three months, no boat had reached the island and people are running out of basic household items such as kerosene and rice.

He says the shipping problem is having an effect on the once vibrant commercial activities on the island such as copra and bech-de-mer.

Mr Sotokera told the Solomon Island Broadcasting Corporation that people are no longer involved in these industries as their products will rot before a ship arrives to take their products to the main marketing centres such as Gizo and Noro.

Mr Sotokere says unless a ship is sent to the island now, the people will be without kerosene during Christmas--- rice and other basic food stuffs ran out of the island a few weeks ago