13 Dec 2004

Vanuatu's new government urged to restore links with traditional partners

7:43 am on 13 December 2004

New Zealand's High Commissioner in Vanuatu says the new government there should take steps to restore dialogue with its traditional donor partners.

Brian Smythe says communication links were weakened during the four-month rule of Prime Minister Serge Vohor

But he says a new era is signalled by Mr Vohor's removal after Vanuatu's parliament passed a vote of no confidence against him for agreeing to grant diplomatic recognition to Taiwan.

Mr Smythe says the new Prime Minister, Ham Lini, should take the opportunity to restore links with traditional partners such as New Zealand, Australia and China.

"The dialogue really has been interrupted in these past few months while Vohor has gone off looking for easy money to put to development. The new government needs to come back to the traditional partners and develop the projects that are needed in order to the money that is on offer from those partners."