14 Dec 2004

New regional police office opens in Wellington

2:33 pm on 14 December 2004

Stopping HIV/Aids spreading among police officers in the region is one of the priorities for the newly-opened regional police chiefs' office.

The South Pacific Chiefs of Police Secretariat has opened in the New Zealand capital Wellington.

The secretary, Superintendent Cam Ronald, says he's working with the United Nations to arrest the spread of HIV/Aids in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

"The police commissioners around the Pacific send their officers overseas to work in these countries. So we need to assist the commissioners in briefing people before they leave, what they expect of their people for their standards and the way that they behave, and to make sure that when they come back to their communities that they're safe, and that we don't end up causing later problems for them."

Superintendent Ronald says in many countries police are the leading social service.

He says raising their standards will pull up those of other services.