20 Dec 2004

NZ shipping company wants Niueans to work on Sundays

4:32 pm on 20 December 2004

A New Zealand-based shipping company, Reef Shipping, has called on the Niue government to suggest that port employees work on public holidays and Sundays.

The company's CEO Wayne Harris-Daw says freight is sometimes delayed because companies are concerned their ships will be stuck in port as locals do not work on those particular days.

Mr Harris-Daw's comments come as sea freight from New Zealand has been delayed due to a mechanical failure on one of his ships.

He says the shipment may have arrived on the 24th but it has been held back until the 26th to avoid sitting idle over Christmas.

Mr Harris-Daw says everyone would benefit from a change in local attitude.

"If they can overcome that obviously it's going to speed up ships operating through Niue. This year we've lost over one round trip by delays caused by the ship being able to be worked on those particular days."

The CEO of Reef Shipping, Wayne Harris-Daw.