21 Dec 2004

Fiji union continues to push bank employees wage claims

8:32 pm on 21 December 2004

A Fiji union says it's continuing with its plans to take nation wide strike action against two commercial banks unless there's a quantam shift in the banks' attitudes.

The general secretary of the Bank and Finance Sector Employees Union, Pramod Rae, says they want the ANZ and Colonial to agree to a ten percent wage rise for their employees, not the three percent being offered.

He says this should be possible given the record profits achieved by the ANZ bank this year, and its management receiving wage increases of up to ten percent.

"Both of these organisations, ANZ as well as Colonial, have been behaving like corporate bullies here really. They've been trying to subvert the negotiation process, they've been trying to bypass the union and go directly to the members. And, these things, you know, are not accepted by our people here."

Pramod Rae says if union members at Colonial give the go-ahead, a strike will take place this week.

The general manager of the ANZ bank, John Velegrinis, says they're willing to continue talking but the union has broken off discussions midway through negotiations.