23 Dec 2004

Nauru minister says Forum proposals include employment opportunities

6:24 am on 23 December 2004

The Nauru government is asking regional countries to endorse a Pacific Islands Forum plan, which is aimed at helping the country out of its economic crisis.

The Foreign Minister, David Adeang, says Nauru is happy with suggestions presented to it by the Forum which include support for salaries, the judiciary, health and education.

Mr Adeang says he's hopeful the package could boost the standard of living on Nauru.

He says the idea of promoting offshore work is timely given the sorry state of the local public sector.

"With significant restructuring and down-sizing of the public sector there's going to be quite possibly a lot of unemployed Nauruans who are going to be looking for alternative employment opportunities that just don't exist here and the idea is to look at the employment options outside of Nauru and the Forum countries can contribute towards opening up employment opportunities, then of course that makes a significant impact for the well-being of Nauruans."

The Nauru Foreign Minister of Nauru, David Adeang.