29 Dec 2004

Global Risk Strategies set to recruit again for Iraq work

4:12 pm on 29 December 2004

Global Risk Strategies, one of the main firms recruiting in Fiji for work in Iraq, says it will begin recruiting again in the New Year.

This follows the drive by another British firm, Homeland Security, for 50 more personnel to boost the 78 Fiji men who are currently working for the firm as security guards in Baghdad and Basra.

Homeland Security's Fiji marketing manager, Enele Malele, says he will easily reach his target and he expects the men to leave for Iraq between January the 3rd and the 7th.

Global Risk Strategies' Fiji agent, Lieutenant Colonel Sakiusa Raivoce, says about 10 of the 200 Fiji ex servicement it's got in Iraq are at home on leave now.

Lt Col Raivoce says the men report that they enjoy the work, although the situation in Iraq, ahead of elections on January the 30th, is still volatile.

"My recruiting will start immediately in January and I'll be looking for more men to go to iraq on various projects that I've been told [about] by my company."

Fiji also has about 130 military peacekeepers carrying out security duties for the United Nations in Iraq.