5 Jan 2005

Concern in Niue over protecting the inshore fishery from exploitation

10:46 am on 5 January 2005

A group of local fishermen have expressed concern that the Niue government has not officially recognized the need for a long-line fisheries management plan.

They claim too many concessions are being granted to New Zealand registered boats working for the Niue Fish Processors joint venture factory at Alofi.

Opposition MP Terry Coe, who is backing the efforts of local fishermen, says licenced foreign vessels should be kept outside the fifty kilometre inshore zone

"The local fishermen have put up a proposal to government about the management of these zones and restricting these zones. It's gone to the minister and the minister has held that document so that it hasn't gone into cabinet for discussion as a proper document should as planning for our natural resources etc."

Mr Coe says local fisherman have been unable to find out about any restriction placed on the four licenses granted to foreign vessels so far.

The processing factory is closed at present due to the cyclone season and the processing of licenses