7 Jan 2005

Vanuatu reports minor damage from Cyclone Kerry

1:49 pm on 7 January 2005

Tropical Cyclone Kerry has struck the northern part of the Vanuatu island chain with winds of up to 1-hundred kilometres an hour.

The national disaster management office in the capital Port Vila, says, so far, it's only received reports of heavy rain and minor damage on the northern island of Ambrym, with some trees blown down.

"Forecasters say in the past few hours (11am NZT) the eye of the storm has moved north east of the island of Malekula."

The Vanuatu Met Service says the cyclone is weakening although strong wind is affecting the whole country, and coastal flooding is expected in low-lying areas.

Authorities in Solomon Islands say the cyclone is now moving away from the easternmost islands of Tikopia, Duff and Anuta after bringing strong winds and rough seas.