10 Jan 2005

Fiji police say diplomatic security adequate despite mugging of Australian diplomat

11:20 am on 10 January 2005

The Fiji Police Commissioner says there is no need to boost the levels of diplomatic security despite the weekend attack on the Australian High Commissioner.

The Saturday-morning attack on Jennifer Rawson left her with multiple fractures to the jaw.

Ms Rawson was flown to Sydney for emergency medical treatment.

Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes says despite the attack occuring less than 800 metres from the Australian compound, security levels are adaquate.

"This was a random attack. There's nothing to suugest it was part of a planned targetting of any diplomat. Ms Rawson takes a walk regularly along the footpath and it's a popular exercise route but unfortunately this fellow was there at the time and had criminal intentions on his mind and regrettably it could have been anyone."

Mr Hughes says a young male was apprehended late yesterday in relation to the attack.

Within the first eight days of this year there have been four murders and a number of brutal assaults in Fiji.

Last month, the government withdrew money that had been allocated to police for crime detection equipment.