27 Jan 2005

Fiji Government says assistance to all students not just indigenous Fijians

8:14 pm on 27 January 2005

Fiji's Education Minister, Ro Teimumu Kepa, is defending a government policy ensuring free education for indigenous Fijian students at form seven level.

The Fiji Teachers Union says the policy is one of several racially based education measures enacted by the Government in a misuse of the 1997 Constitution.

The union says it will hire a lawyer soon in a bid to challenge all these policies in court.

But the Education Minister, Ro Teimumu, says the policy is needed to boost the number of indigenous Fijian students studying in form seven.

Ro Teimumu says assistance is also available to other students.

"The other students are also given assistance by Government. And that assistance is through the Public Service Commission scholarship, through the Multi Ethnic Affairs Scholarship and also through the remission of fees. So the assistance that is given by the Government is not just for Fijian students."

Ro Teimumu.