2 Feb 2005

University of the South Pacific offers new degree in policing

2:20 pm on 2 February 2005

There are a high number of applicants for a new degree in policing being offered for the first time by the University of the South Pacific.

Rowan Barnsley, the executive adviser for the Pacific Regional Policing initiative, which developed six specific subjects for the degree, says there are between 130 and 140 police and law enforcement candidates known to be applying.

He says the subjects cover ethical issues, police in society, comparative and international policing, emerging contemporary issues, action research, and police leadership and command.

Dr Barnsley says that police in the region are really looking at ways to improve their professionalism and performance.

"They know that they need to have better education, they know they need to have better leadership and management. They know that they need better skills across a whole range of areas. They also realise there are limited resources so my observation is that there's a real genuineness to contribute to law and order in their communities."

Rowan Barnsley says the course, which has 100 funded places being offered, is aimed at police who are expected to take leadership roles in the future.