7 Feb 2005

French Polynesian party dismissive of French justice

4:24 pm on 7 February 2005

French Polynesia's opposition Union for Democracy says it won't rule out the possibility that France will annul the outcome of the next election.

In November, the French supreme court cancelled the election of 37 of the assembly's 57 MPs in the biggest cancellation of a general election result the region has seen.

The court found that irregularities by the opposition coalition of the Union of Democracy were such that Gaston Flosse's ruling party may have been deprived of victory.

A candidate of the Union, Tea Hirshon, says she cannot rule out that the outcome may again be declared void and she also claims that attempts are being made by Mr Flosse's camp to buy proxy votes.

And she says the French judicial system may again be used to help Mr Flosse's party.

"Today in this country, there is no justice. The justice is in the hands of Mr Chirac, and they do what they want."

Tea Hirshon.

Her party held an election march which attracted an estimated 20,000 people.