8 Feb 2005

US officials keep Marshalls College accreditation

3:48 pm on 8 February 2005

The United States accrediting commission has confirmed a six-month extension for the College of the Marshall Islands.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges is keeping the college on the final rung before it loses accreditation, in order to give the college additional time to meet accreditation eligibility requirements.

The Education Minister, Wilfred Kendall, who chairs the college's board of regents, describes the move as good news.

But Mr Kendall adds it's a short period and much needs to be accomplished for the college to hang onto its accreditation.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges says a progress report is now due on the 15th of March, and a team will visit shortly afterwards, to review actions taken to meet accreditation requirements.

Loss of accreditation could result in the college losing about two thirds of its budget, or about four million US dollars a year in funding.