14 Feb 2005

European Union to visit Solomons this week to monitor developments

12:34 pm on 14 February 2005

The European Union will take a fresh look at recent developments in Solomon Islands this week.

An eight member parliamentary delegation from the EU and the African Carribean and Pacific group, or ACP, will conduct a three day fact finding mission to the Solomons, starting tomorrow.

The visit is part of a wider tour to other countries in the Pacific region.

The EU's delegate to Solomon Islands, Henry Prankerd, says there are a number of things to discuss.

"And of course it will be do with the stabilisation of peace, the role of RAMSI, future elections, and issues like that. Really to see to what extent law and order, and peace have been established, and whether there's been follow up on lets say abuses, either corruption issues or human rights abuses."

The last visit by the joint delegation to Honiara was in 2000.