17 Feb 2005

Cook islands still repairing damage from Cyclone Nancy

11:51 am on 17 February 2005

Cook Islands officials are this morning, assessing the damage left by Cyclone Nancy on the main island of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga, but at the same time are keeping an eye on Super Cyclone Olaf which is reportedly heading their way.

Nancy hit the the Cook Islands southern islands earlier this week, causing damage to the coastal areas and a number of homes and crops.

However, police Senior Sergeant, John Hosking, says they're now assessing damage on Rarotonga.

"A lot of it is coastal damage. we've had a few houses and buildings lose their roofs. A lot of trees have come down across the road and across power lines. It's pretty dangerous to work there but the Ministry of Works will be out this morning trying to do as much as they can."

Senior sergeant Hoskings says, the emergency office will remain open, while they track Super Cyclone Olaf, which he says if it continues on its south easterly path will reach the Cooks in about two days.