17 Feb 2005

Marshall Islands escapers face three years extra jailtime

4:51 pm on 17 February 2005

Inmates who made a brief bid for freedom from Majuro jail in the Marshall Islands face up to three years more in prison.

Six prisoners are to be charged next month with escaping lawful custody last Friday and two of them are considered more dangerous and face additional charges.

The assistant attorney-general, prosecutor Whitlam Khalegedi, says six prisoners broke open an old wooden door, climbed over a roof, and five of them went to drink alcohol in a nearby cafe.

Mr Khalegedi says the five prisoners were caught by police after becoming drunk and intimidating a shopkeeper.

The sixth was seized two days later.

Mr Khalegedi was asked whether the prison service should increase security.

"I would not really comment on that, but that would be, the prison services would look into the matter, but we have already suggested to the prison services for them to add more security to the prisons compound."