22 Feb 2005

Relief supplies now on the way to American Samoa's Manu'a islands

4:11 pm on 22 February 2005

More than a hundred people remain in three hurricane shelters on the Manu'a islands in American Samoa after their village of Fiti'uta was destroyed by cyclone Olaf.

Emergency supplies, including tarpaulins, tents, generators, chainsaws, lanterns, water containers, blankets and first aid kits are now on their way to the Manu'as.

Siniva Anoa'i at the Emergency Operations centre says heavy equipment is also being sent to clear the debris.

"A U.S. vessel coastguard and the other vessel from Samoa are transporting equipment and supplies. I think one has arrived this morning. Rebuilding has started and we have transported supplies to assist Manu'a residents, especially Fiti'uta village."

Siniva Anoa'i says it's now known that the 200 houses in Fiti-uta village were destroyed by cyclone Olaf.