23 Feb 2005

Solomon Islands police commissioner says he would like to continue the work he's started

2:31 pm on 23 February 2005

The Solomon Islands police commissioner, Englishman Bill Morrell, says he wants to stay on to complete the work he started in trying to rebuild the force.

Mr Morrell, whose contract is due to finish at the end of next month, has confirmed he is one of nine candidates vying for the position.

The Solomon Islands Government is this week due to begin interviews with three candidates being put forward by the Australian Government.

Mr Morrell, who arrived in Solomon Islands in early 2003, initiated the reforming the Royal Solomon Islands Police Service ahead of the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI.

He says there is much still to do and he would like to be involved.

He says this includes the continued upgrading of housing for officers, the training of new staff and the provision of radios and vehicles to improve communications and mobility.